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If you would like to help Connect further, by raising funds through an internet search engine, please follow the steps below.

Most of us who use the internet to find information have a favourite “search engine” website. This might be one of the large ones like Google or Yahoo , or maybe a more specialised one.

Well, if you use Everyclick as you home page AND select Connect as your chosen charity, every time you do a web search using the Everyclick search page, to find out information you are looking for on the internet, Connect benefit from a small donation, paid by Everyclick on your behalf

To set yourself up is quite straightforward, follow the steps below.

  • Make sure you are working on-line, ie you are connected to the internet through your service provider. Opening up your web browser icon on your computer will usually do this.
  • Type in the web address www.everyclick.co.uk into the address line (or click on the underlined text , left, it will open in new window on your computer)
  • Click on the line "Select the charity you would like to support" (in white text)
  • You will be asked to select the charity you would like to support. Nearly all UK Charities are listed. It is important to choose the charity specifically. Type in the full charity name in the box provided (for example, Connect Christian Counselling Service - do not just type a shortened form like Connect) and then click on the "Search Charities" button (see picture below)
  • Connect (or your chosen charity) will then be listed, along with perhaps other charities with similar names. For the particular charity you wish, now click on the text "select this charity"
  • To enable you to use Everyclick for searches on the internet, you should also make it your home page. To do this, now click on the picture of a house (in blue) Accept the dialogue box. All done!