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From time to time, Connect runs local fundraising events, many of them are open to all, to help maintain the service we offer. These events include Quiz evenings, talks, concerts, walks and more.



Thursday 18th March 2021
7.15pm – Log in
7.30pm – Start

Form a team of no more than 6 members.
Minimum suggested donation £5 per person

To pre-book your place contact Cathie on [email protected]
or Graham on [email protected]

Join us for our online Quiz via Zoom on Thursday 18th March from 7.15pm.

As we are unable to hold our very popular, live, Annual Quiz this year, we would like to invite you to an Online alternative to raise much needed funds for Connect, but also to enjoy some time together and keep our quizzical brains in tip top condition!

The Online Quiz will help Connect provide counselling sessions for adults within the community at a time when mental health issues are even more challenging with the isolation and anxieties of Covid 19.



This is a fundraising evening of fun, so don’t forget to make a donation!

We would normally request £10 per person to join our annual quiz, but as we have taken to an online version this year, we request a minimum of £5 per person.

However, feel free to give as you are able and if an online quiz is not your thing, please consider a donation to Connect so as NOT to participate!

There are 3 ways to give your donation;

1. Through the Paypal account on our website

2. A BACS transfer – contact the Connect office 01276 24210 for details

3. By Cheque made payable to Connect Counselling Service

Send to 8 Portesbery Road Camberley. GU15 3TA, Camberley. GU15 3TA


The Quiz Night went extremely well.  122 participants on 88 devices, organised in 24 teams, were arranged into their breakout rooms by our Chair of Trustees in order to discuss (and argue!) over their answers at the end of each round.  Well done Jane!

We were really pleased to raise £3,444 through this event. 

Thank you for your generosity,

Cathie and Graham


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Fundraising Initiative November 2020

Since the Lockdown began in March, client donations have dropped and despite some emergency funds from Surrey Heath, Community Foundation for Surrey and Tesco, we are £8000 down on funds for this time of year.

Thankfully, we have some reserves to sustain the work of Connect when the need arises and from the beginning of October, we are open once again for face to face sessions, alongside remote counselling sessions.

However, we must act now to ensure that Connect can remain a place where support and professional help can be found.

Our fundraising evening with comedian Paul Kerensa has been cancelled, so we need your help to bring in urgent funds.

For the month of November we are holding a Challenge 26, (for every year Connect has been serving the community) to help raise £2,600 or more, normally reached through our autumn event.


Thank you to all those who took part or donated in our Challenge 26 appeal in November 2020

We raised over £6000!

With your help, Connect continues to provide counselling support to those hurting in our community.


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Our famous Quiz Night  Took place in Camberley at St Paul’s Church , Crawley Ridge, GU15 2AD –

Friday 21st February  2020  7pm to 10pm

Graham  and  Cathie organised (with their helpers) our biggest quiz night yet!  An enjoyable evening, and over £2,480 was raised for Connect’s work.  Watch this space for more news!


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We had a  fundraising event taking place at Bagshot Waitrose –  in December…. see below…..


In December 2019 

Connect is nominated by Waitrose BAGSHOT (on A30) as one of the 3 charities they are supporting through their Community Matters Scheme during December (this month).

Shoppers  collect  a green token at the checkout each time, and choose to support one of the 3 charities, by placing tokens in the particular glass container (near the main entrance/exit), and Waitrose will then give a sum proportional to the number of tokens in the box.      

You can also drop in any spare tokens at Connect –  before Christmas please, if you cant get to the Waitrose shop in Bagshot

At the end of the month the money is divided in proportion to the tokens in each of the 3 containers at the store.




Past Events .in 2019


Our very successful fundraising event in Autumn of 2019 was a mixture of  Sax and Song .  It was held on Friday 25th October at St Mary’s, Park Road, Camberley  and raised a tremendous £ 1831, after expenses   Thank you to all who took part and supported the event

There was a double bill of popular music from the acoustic band of saxophonists, called Smartphones  followed by a selection of songs from the Camberley Rock Choir.  






Earlier Events in 2019

Connect had a quiz night in 2019.  

It was on Friday evening, 22nd February 2019   .  Venue is St Paul’s Church  GU15 2AJ


As per previous quiz nights we have held, this event raised a good sum for Connect  (£2406)    We hope to have a future quiz night in early 2020 probably at the same venue.  Details will be posted nearer the time.  




To find out more about fundraising and future events, please call us, during our opening hours. –  01276 24210.

Some earlier Fundraising Events we have held included


Abba picture small

Abba Tribute Event

On Friday 17th Nov   2017   7:30pm     Abba Two-piece Tribute Act  “Just One Look” – a very enjoyable time was had by all,  dancing and singing along at times, to the well known songs from Abba. 

Was held at St Mary’s Church Hall,  Park Road, CAMBERLEY .  GU15 2SR . 

A chance to see the dancing queen’s, as they took to the stage complete with replica costumes, choreography and stunning live vocals

There was a Quiz Night in support of Connect held on Saturday 10th March 2018 at St Paul’s Church , Crawley Ridge, Camberley  GU15 2AD





Mayor's Fundraising Events on behalf of Connect & Disability Initiative

On Friday 17th Nov   2017   7:30pm     Abba Two-piece Tribute Act  “Just One Look” – a very enjoyable time was had by all,  dancing and singing along at times, to the well known songs from Abba. 

Was held at St Mary’s Church Hall,  Park Road, CAMBERLEY .  GU15 2SR . 

A chance to see the dancing queen’s, as they took to the stage complete with replica costumes, choreography and stunning live vocals


– –  –   –

We are pleased to announce that the total , for all the Mayor’s fundraising events over the whole year, which were distributed to Connect, was £12,806.


These events included – as a sample – the following:

13th May   2017        Mayor’s Ball   included 3 course meal, live band and attractions!  

Held at Camberley Heath Golf Club, Golf Drive, GU15 1JG,  this is one of the Mayor’s fundraising events, for the two nominated charities, Connect and Disability Initiative.

On Saturday 11th March 2017

  • ‘Beat the Mayor’  QUIZ Night.    7pm to 10pm

We are delighted that Surrey Heath Mayor (2016-7) John Winterton agreed to take part in this popular annual event, and many teams pitted their wits and knowledge against his team at this wide- ranging general knowledge quiz!    This event was solely in aid of Connect

It took place at St Paul’s Church, Crawley Ridge, Camberley   GU15 2AD.  

Teams of up to six, and with a minimum donation of £60, for each team, was collected.     This event raised £1235 for Connect.



Paul Kerensa3

In October 2015

Connect Counselling Service presented an evening of entertainment by Paul Kerensa, writer for BBC1’s Miranda and Not Going Out among countless others. 

On Friday 23rd October 2015, we were pleased to see many people come and hear Paul in his one man show at St Paul’s Church, Camberley GU15 2AD – and in the process helping Connect, as a fundraising event for the charity.

Paul Kerensa is a comic who plays at comedy clubs and cathedrals. He’s one of the few to have appeared both at London’s Comedy Store and on Radio 2’s Pause For Thought. A decade into his stand-up career, Paul’s one-man show has played to packed-out churches and other venues, including festivals from Spring Harvest, Greenbelt and New Wine, to the Edinburgh Fringe and Montreal Comedy Festival.


The event raised almost  £2600 , which was one of our best single fundraising events to date.

Thank you for your support for this event.  


To find out more, please call us, during our opening hours. –  01276 24210.


In September 2015: 

Connect was nominated by Waitrose FRIMLEY as one of the 3 charities they support through their Community Matters Scheme during September 2015.

Shoppers  collect  a green token at the checkout each time, and choose to support one of the 3 charities, by placing tokens in the particular glass container (near the checkouts), and Waitrose will then give a sum proportional to the number of tokens in the box.      

Thank you for choosing Connect Counselling at your Frimley branch of Waitrose last month.  We managed to raise £435 from that occasion – and coming out top that month.


One of our Trustees, Steve Isherwood, spent six weeks from the beginning of May 2014, walking along the Pyrenees in Spain and  people encouraged him and sponsored his efforts by making a donation to Connect. He followed two of the best known traditional pilgrimage routes to Santiago di Compostela; the Camino Frances (the Way of St James) and the Camino Finisterre, together totalling nearly 700 miles and varying in height from sea level to almost 5,000 feet. He was staying in ‘Albergue’ – Pilgrim Hostels, or camping en route. His biggest concern? He didn’t speak a word of Spanish! (before he went!).

We thank Steve for supporting Connect, in this challenging walk and also thank all those who sponsored Steve’s efforts .  


On Saturday 29th March 2014 at High Cross Church. The Camberley Rock Choir together with a band called ‘The Flood’ sang a selection of popular and well known songs. There was a good turn-out, and together, the evening raised approx £1982 for Connect.


We are also grateful for the Talent’s Project, run at St Mary’s by Chris Simons, which included the sale of her cards here at Connect, earlier in 2014, and raised over £1500 for Connect

On October 13th, 2012, we held An Entertainment Evening – Double Bill. in Camberley, where Guests were invited to pit their wits against a local panel (Geoff Andrew, Ted Crew & Simon Strachan) in our version of the popular show ‘CALL MY BLUFF’ , and then sit back and enjoy the music of Hampshire based folk group ‘BABY FACE NELSON AND THE CONTRA BAND.’ 

Proceeds were raised in support of Connect Christian Counselling Service.

Our Finance manager took the plunge in 2010 and undertook a sponsored skydive – Watch’s Sarah’s Skydive video by clicking on the play arrow below!

Thank you to all of you who have given generously in recognition of Sarah’s challenge. On 22nd July 2010 Sarah, made a jump over countryside in aid of Connect.

She wrote, before her jump

My attempt to boost our resources this year is to face the challenge of Skydiving, something I have never considered attempting before!   The jump will be from 12,000 feet with a freefall to 5,000 at which point we deploy the main parachute to gradually make our way back down to solid ground. There is no risk of me losing my nerve and failing to jump out of the aircraft as I will be strapped to an instructor who will effectively push me out! (I think this may be necessary as I was on a fairground ride recently and started to wonder what on earth I had done committing myself to jumping out of a plane!)

Her efforts on the day were recorded on film, as shown above!

Sarah's Skydive


Thank you for your support of Graham’s Curl Up for Connect fundraising venture.

We raised £1,050 – an incredible achievement and much appreciated.

Graham has now returned to his more conventional ‘short back and sides’ – just as we were getting used to his new look.  Well done Graham!


Revd. Bruce Nicole, who is one of the trustees at Connect and local vicar, set out from Camberley on 10 June, 2012 to walk nearly 400 miles to Holy Island, in Northumberland to raise money for the support of Connect and for the St Michael’s Church building project. Read more about this major event, online at StMikesOpen4All and follow videos and photos during Bruce’s visits to communities along the way.

Bruce completed the walk on the 10th July!

You can always check with the office, what other events we may have planned in the future too.

May we take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported Connect over the years, at the events we put on.